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Lucy Lupin's Fics

You're just as sane as I am

Loser's Lurgy
26 November

Join. You know you want to ;)

Icons taken from fantastiche and lindsical.

i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

adrian pucey, aes sedai, alicia spinnet, angelina johnson, barrick, beauxbatons, bill/fleur, blaise zabini, blaise/cho, blaise/daphne, books, briony, cedric diggory, children's books, cho chang, chronicles of narnia, cookies, csi, daydreaming, dean thomas, dean/hermione, dean/parvati, drabbles, draco/hermione, drawing, durmstrang, eowyn, ernie macmillan, ernie/millicent, fairy tales, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, faramir, faramir/eowyn, fawcett, ficlets, fleur delacour, football slash, fred/angelina, ginny weasley, greg/sara, gryffindor, half-blood prince, half-bloods, harry potter, harry/hermione, harry/luna, henry/pires, hermione granger, horcruxes, hufflepuff, interhouse pairings, jane austen, kingsley shacklebolt, klinger/lavender, lily evans, literature, lord of the rings, luna lovegood, m*a*s*h, making up languages, marauders, marcus flint, marcus/cho, marcus/oliver, marcus/penelope, marcus/roger, mathieu/cesc, memory sorrow and thorn, minerva mcgonagall, minor characters, muggleborns, mythology, narcissa malfoy, neville longbottom, neville/ginny, neville/susan, nick hornby, oliver wood, original fiction, parvati patil, penelope clearwater, pride and prejudice, purebloods, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, remus/severus, roger davies, roger/cho, rohirrim, ron/pansy, rouenland, seamus/cho, seamus/lavender, severus snape, shadowmarch, sketches, slash, slytherin, stebbins, stephen cornfoot, stephen/susan, susan bones, tad williams, terence higgs, terence/alicia, terry/susan, the lovely bones, the three musketeers, tonks, trapper/margaret, unusual pairings, vansen, vansen/briony, viktor krum, warders, wheel of time, writing, zacharias smith, zacharias/lavender, zacharias/luna